Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Zeland turns ONE!

Zeland has been home and part of our family for four months now. There was a time back in October that we had begun to think that he would turn one in Ethiopia without us. We are so blessed to have had this time with him. These past months have flown by with so much laughter and giggles. Zeland, our little ball of energy, has brought so many smiles. Lily has mentioned on several occasions, "he just makes my day!"

Zeland continues to produce teeth! We just noticed another one this morning! He chews, bites and gnaws on everything in sight! Everything! He is strong-willed and is not easily deterred...We think he actually is amused by our efforts in trying to redirect. He produces the slightest smile and is right back at whatever it was he was up to! Zeland certainly keeps us on our toes and brings to light all the little things we didn't put away, clean up or not yet child-proof.

He is not walking yet, and definitely does not struggle with keeping up with Lily. He doesn't miss a thing, and is usually half a step behind her. Although at times she finds this frustrating, Lily is so patient with him. She will TRY to find something for him to do without interrupting her play. He may or may not comply!

The warm weather recently has allowed us to get outside and get dirty. Lily loves riding her bikes in the garage or swinging on the play set, while Zeland is more inclined to eat old snow, mud, leaves, pretty much anything he can get his hands on. And if that doesn't work then he has found laying on his belly and licking whatever it is works well also!

We are busy, busy busy and wouldn't change a single moment.

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  1. Happy Birthday Z, love ya your cuzzes the Obs of Carmel